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Leadership Development

The Leadership Challenge
THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE®  is a development program focused on improving the main leadership practices in organizations. The goal is to bring about a Leadership transformation through a unique development program based on solid science, which includes a 360 evaluation (LPI®-Leadership Practices Inventory), a group workshop to share good practices and a rigorous individual follow-up to help create change.

Newly Appointed Manager

We offer participants practical tools and solutions to face the most important challenges as managers.
This specific program offers a Management Model that helps all team leaders to guide, train and engage their team members on their main responsibilities and tasks, and thus assume their position effectively.

Emotional Leadership
This inspiring program develops the emotional skills in professionals which contribute to a positive atmosphere that encourages motivation, performance and extraordinary results.

We start with an assessment of the socio-emotional skills and structure of Leadership styles based on Bar-On’s EQ-i Model.

We also work with an individual support plan to improve critical behaviors in complex or difficult situations where emotional skills are essential.

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Leadership Model

We help to elaborate the Leadership Model of your organization, aligned with strategic challenges and the desired culture, so that it serves as a lever of change and a reference for the Policies of Managerial Talent Management. Through assessment and development, this Model will allow you to manage the skills of the managers at all levels of the company.

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Leadership Evaluation

To make steady progress in Leadership growth and development, we suggest considering the return of investment as the main criterion for starting a program.

Manum offers an assessment solution using behavioral observation methods (Management & Assessment Centers) and a series of metrics designed for this purpose (Checkpoint 360º, GR8 Management, Neuroview and others). We assist our clients in their decision-making (promotion, succession, development…) by elaborating an accurate Talent Map.

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Communicational Skills and Abilities

The Persuasive Communicator®

This world-leading program, from our partner PERSONA GLOBAL, offers a practical method that helps to recognize other people’s behaviors in terms of their needs, build trust and achieve maximum persuasion and engagement through the effective “sale” of ideas, products or Additionally, this program offers an App that assesses the communication styles of the people surrounding the participant. With it, we have managed to improve trust and interpersonal relationships and help gain better results in the professional field.

Other Solutions/Communication Programs:

  • Empathic Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Public Presentations
  • DISC-Adapted Communication


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Creative and Innovative Skills and Abilities

Based on our Manum Innovation Model, our aim is to bring awareness to the importance of applying creativity and innovation to all areas of the business and to offer tools and practices to make it possible. We use the internationally renowned Accelerated Innovation System and other idea-generating methods like Design Thinking and Visual Thinking. The challenge is to obtain different outcomes by encouraging new ways of thinking and acting, and thus creating a culture of innovation.

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Skills for an excellent performance

The E3® (Energy and Enthusiasm for Excellence) is a comprehensive, unique, multi-disciplinary development program which seeks to help people to effectively boost and manage their energy and enthusiasm towards achieving an excellent sustained, long-term performance.

This program is based on four basic energies for people’s health, well-being and performance:

  • Physical Energy
  • Emotional Energy
  • Mental Energy
  • Spiritual Energy

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