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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®  is an innovative and unique transformation program. It begins with a structured assessment which measures the team’s members cohesive attitudes to continue developing them and thus contribute to the success of the organization.

It is based on world-leader’s Patrick Lencioni’s (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team) research and practice which helps monitoring group and individual work plans for the team’s progress in achieving better results.

Furthermore, it is complemented by the internationally-proven methodology of Everything-Disc®, which helps team members understand their own DISC style and other’s, thus favoring the practice of the 5 team behaviors. 

Learn how to guide your teams towards excellence with a winning method and support.

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High-Performance Teams

Team Excellence

Manum Team Excellence® was created to help establish and empower High-Performance Teams (HPT), regardless of the sector or the nature of the team involved (project based, directorial, commercial, etc.)

Our work focuses on two key dimensions for transformation—efficiency and cohesion—both of which are addressed using a rigorous methodology that takes into account the various elements that comprise these two areas.

Our capacity to adapt to the specific needs of clients and the flexibility of our model enables us to be effective in the implementation of all the elements necessary for your team to become a true High-Performance Team and achieve greater results.

Cooperation & Beyond

Manum has been certified by Persona Global  to offer this specific program, which aims to foster a cooperative versus competitive attitude among team members. 

The program is based on a methodology designed to help organizations move from a clearly defined top-down hierarchical structure to a more integrated structure with a greater degree of interdependence between teams and functions. 

We help individuals develop the necessary skills to build quality relationships using rigorous metrics, which serve as the basis for a Personal Improvement Plan.


Manum has been certified by Persona Global to offer this specific program, which aims to transform harmful relationships between groups that may have opposites interests, but which need to be able to collaborate effectively to achieve maximum results.

One of the program’s metrics measures the current level of interaction between internal and external teams, and offers practical advice on what strategies would best serve to achieve shared benefits. 

This program allows organizations with multiple departments involved in shared strategic projects to enhance their levels of productivity and the quality of their results, while also reducing turnaround times and costs. 

Learn how to guide your teams towards excellence with a winning method and support.

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Team Coaching

Successful teams achieve sustainable extraordinary results. Team Advantage® is the world-leading Group Coaching program, designed to accelerate and elevate team performance.

Through a method and process tried-and-tested in different environments, functions and cultures, work teams have brought about changes which have optimized efficiency and communication. Furthermore,using coaching tools, the team leader becomes a driving force for transformation.

Learn how to guide your teams towards excellence with a winning method and support.

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