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Cultural Transformation

When talking about organizational change and transformation, sooner or later we have to think about the causes behind behaviors, commitment and performance. These elements are fundamental if you want a sustained organizational effectiveness and a successful business strategy.

In this key practice, we rely on the world’s most used Cultural Transformation Model. Alongside HUMAN SYNERGISTICS INTERNATIONAL., our partner, we offer a wide array of methods and innovative diagnostic tools in order to optimize and classify the desired culture and analyze the current one. From there, we offer a roadmap for implementation, tested and found effective to facilitate a successful cultural transformation.

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Change Management

The globalizing dynamic of our current world is bringing about a progressive break with the past. All sectors are forced to undergo a continuous process of adaptation in order to survive these circumstances.

More and more, organizations need professionals who are able to lead and manage change, perceive and communicate the needs of the market and the clients, run their organizations and ―why not?― inspire their teams.

At Manum, we use a proven intervention/training model that makes that transition into the future an easier one. We train Managers and collaborators in their attitudes, abilities and processes for a successful change.

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Organizational Alignment Survey

The Organizational Alignment Model focuses its diagnosis in the alignment of the organization, its people, processes and services with the strategy and thereby serving Customer Satisfaction. Towards this end we use the OAS (Organizational Alignment Survey) designed by PERSONA GLOBAL,  one of our international partners.

This model, investigated by Shaun Smith, studies the 12 key areas that directly affect results. The OAS values an organization as a whole and compares it with the “best organization” in a constantly growing international database, providing an internal and external reference point for organizational effectiveness.

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