Assessment tools

Discover and get a highly precise diagnosis of the management talent in your organization.
We have specialized tools for the Talent Assessment & Development area. We quantify the behavioral skills and abilities, help create high-performance teams, measure and develop emotional intelligence and more. These solutions allow for rigorous decision-making, based on solid investigations.

We can advise you on what is the best tool for you and your business.

Everything DiSC
An assessment of the 4 best known behavior styles in the world. It helps gain a better understanding of an individual’s natural and adapted behaviours to improve any kind of professional relationship.
Skills assessment, à la carte, among more than 50 skills to identify predictive performance indicators.
An evaluation of the 15 emotional abilities that define the level of emotional intelligence, following Reuven Bar-On’s pioneering model, which also offers a guide for its improvement and development.
Checkpoint 360
A multisource, internationally-proven assessment of the key skills necessary for an organization’s leadership. It includes a tailored program for the development of these managerial skills.
A measurement of the 8 factors associated with a working team’s performance and culture of trust, based on the latest advances in medical research on Oxytocin, the trust hormone.
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We help you create a winning, constructive culture.
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